Law Degree from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


He has held a number of management and advisory positions for enterprises such as the QUIBEY Group, and Frutas y Conservas del Tajo, S.A. (where he served as President). He was a founding member of the CIMA Group, a health services conglomerate in collaboration with major insurance companies in Spain.

After selling the company, in 1985 he became legal adviser of Marbella Internacional, S.L. There he incorporated other real estate companies dedicated to construction and housing projects (Rocio Alto, S.L., Tarbel, S.L., among others). In parallel, he joined the law firm Cruz Conde Abogados. In 1992 he joined Rueda Abogados Firm in Barcelona, specialized in commercial law and civil law. In 1994 he founded the law firm FANJUL in Madrid, acting as Managing Partner.

In addition to these legal activities, he has also developed private enterprises related to real estate, urban law, and culture & entertainment, incorporating the entity Ciudad y Planeamiento, S.L. (of which he is President), that is head of a group of investing companies; and company Nemore Producciones, S.L., dedicated to the production of theatre pieces and television series.